PMD - Iquitos Airport

Master Development Plan of Captain FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport of Iquitos City in Loreto's region

Project Objectives

To expand infrastructure, improve services and safety of air passengers, in order to improve regional connectivity to boost Loreto's competitiveness and development.


  • Construction of New Passenger Terminal
  • Construction of New Cargo Terminal
  • Extension of Runway 06-24
  • Construction of Parallel Taxiways
  • Compliance with ICAO regulations
  • General, Terminal and Cargo Aprons
  • Aircraft Maintenance Facilities
  • Airport Maintenance and Waste Management Facilities
  • Airport Rescue and Firefighting Station
  • Parking, Access and Roadways
  • Fuel Farm


$ 321,007,986


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    Formulation and Evaluation
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Formulation and Evaluation

  • PMD was approved on March 20, 2012.
  • Request for land has been submitted and waiting for the MTC to hand it over.
  • This project was include with code 2413162 at Multiannual Program of Investments 2019-2021 (MPI). MPI Approved with Ministerial Resolution RM 320-2018-MTC on May 8,2018
  • On May 25,2018. AdP presented to MTC the Terms of references for the hiring of consultant to develop pre investment Study at Perfil Level.